About Us

Peer-to-Peer Communications LLC was a book publishing venture spun off from Silicon Valley’s Computer Literacy Bookshops in 1993 by its owners and corporate officers, who wanted to see what we could do as publishers (the other end of the pipeline). Our goal was to take important books that other publishers (our suppliers) didn’t want to publish due to (perceived) limited sales potential.

We stopped publishing books in 1999, after the sale and later public offering of CLB and sold our titles to Annabooks. When Annabooks/RTC Group discontinued its publishing program a few years later publishing rights reverted back to us so we could keep Lions’ Commentary on UNIX available and make Building the Arpanet available for the first time.

Ordering our Titles

Individuals: Tell your favorite bookstore that it’s a “Lightning Source” title which can be easily backordered from Ingram, the nation’s largest book wholesaler.

European bookstores: Please order books from:

Lightning Source UK Ltd.
Chapter House
Kiln Farm
Milton Keynes
MK11 3

Asian/Australian Bookstores: Please order books from:

Lightning Source Australia
Unit A1/A3
7 Janine Street
Scoresby, Victoria 3179
T: +613 9765 4800
F: +613 9765 4848