Volume 5: 386BSD: From the Inside Out


AUTHOR William F Jolitz / Lynne Greer Jolitz
PAGES 500 pages
TYPE Hardcover
ISBN 1-57398-032-3
PUBLISHED Due Date Uncertain
PRICE To Be Announced


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About 386BSD From the Inside Out (Volume 5)

Unlike the first four Source Code Secrets volumes, which cover all the gory details of implementation from the bottom-up (“Gray’s Anatomy” approach), Volume 5 will be more like a traditional operating systems text that explains top-down, in the abstract, how various levels and modules of an operating system form an organic whole.

The special power of this theory book, however, will lie in its unique ability to cross-reference the conceptual material with the implementation details as fully described in the preceding four volumes.



About the Authors

William F. Jolitz and Lynne Greer Jolitz have been principals in a number of Silicon Valley start-ups and have written over 40 feature articles on operating system and network design for major computer magazines, including an unprecedented 17-part serialization of the 386BSD project for Dr. Dobb’s Journal. William was one of the original architects of Berkeley UNIX. Lynne has been involved in the 386BSD project since its inception and has worked with technical operating system and data center issues for over thirty years.